Wei (Azim) Hung

Wei (Azim) Hung is a Department of Research and Planning intern at the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF). He is currently an undergraduate majoring in international studies at Leiden University, Campus The Hague, specializing in East Asia and has a minor in Middle Eastern studies. He is most captivated by the rich dynamics and complexity of East Asia and the Middle East. Due to his research interest in cross-strait relations, Israeli and Palestinian conflict, and Taiwan’s geopolitical positioning, he plans to pursue a post-graduate degree in international security. 

Before his internship at TAEF, Azim interned and served as a contributor at Diplomat Magazine in The Hague. At Leiden University, he was the vice-president of the Academic Committee and an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Lukas Milevski. In 2017, in a nationwide selection by the Ministry of Education, he was one of the ten students representing Taiwan in the 5th international environmental conference where they discussed sustainable development issues in Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

Lastly, Wei is a known ailurophile with an unmistakable drive for contemporary history and current events. He co-founded an advocacy group known as Project Taiwan, striving to promote deliberative democracy in Taiwan through enhanced digital participation in the hope of enabling a sustainable civic-engagement model for the people. Occasionally, he enjoys writing articles on various topics; in the past, he has written on the New Southbound Policy, Taiwan's political autonomy, and vTaiwan on New Bloom Magazine.