TAEF Program on Civil Society Connectivity

TAEF Program on
Civil Society Connectivity

In partnership with Taiwan Alliance in International Development (Taiwan AID)

TAEF collaborates with Taiwan AID and other domestic and foreign INGOs / NGOs in promoting a common program on civil society connectivity, which focuses on local networks in Asian civil society, talent incubation, issue advocacy, and the deepening of capacity building projects. This will strengthen Taiwan’s “warm power” in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and other Asian countries. By enhancing connectivity among civil societies, TAEF hopes to implement the “people-centered” agenda of the New Southbound Policy (NSP), which will further translate policies into true people-to-people partnerships.

Our work focus includes : 

  • supporting exchanges between Taiwan and Asia’s civil society organizations, 
  • promoting transnational cooperation in Southeast Asian and South Asian studies, and 
  • holding conferences, symposiums, and lectures on the topic of Taiwan-Asia relations.

In 2019, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation and the Taiwan Overseas Aid and Development Alliance cooperated to survey the network of Taiwan's overseas NGOs. Furthermore, paying attention to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asian countries and the capacity of Taiwan’s contributions.

Oct. 8-9, 2018 in Taipei Taiwan AID X TAEF  Asian NGO International Development Conference