TAEF Program on Regional Resilience

TAEF Program on
Regional Resilience

Asia faces severe natural disaster challenges, and many of them have already caused grave transnational consequences. In recent years, many countries have started promoting state-level disaster preparedness and relief projects, while also transforming local communities into important units of disaster resilience. We hope to collaborate with related institutions, research facilities, hospitals, medical centers and schools in searching for a common resilience project to combat regional disasters in Asia.

Our work focus includes holding capacity building projects, enhancing cooperation with international aid agencies, providing training and mutual learning opportunities for related personnel.

2018/11  TAEF x TMU x Meizhou Community Taskforce on Disaster Preparedness

We had hit a success on the 2018 International Conference on Resilience Development and Innovation in Asia. Honored guests from Us, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia and, of course, Taiwan have shared their insights on building the strength on resilience and also their international experiences. See how we were going on this 2-day conference and workshop: https://www.taef.org/event/162