TAEF Cultural Exchange Program

TAEF Cultural Exchange Program

In partnership with National Cultural and Art Foundation

Culture is the foundation of regional co-prosperity, while Asia’s diverse cultures are also its fundamental strength in achieving regional success and stability. TAEF has partnered with the National Cultural and Art Foundation (NCAF) in promoting a common cultural program, which will be dedicated to promoting exchanges among Asian leaders and institutions in culture, cultural mediums, and art.

Our work focuses on holding cultural events, international visitorships, and innovative exchange programs, and deepening cultural exchange networks among Asian partner institutions.

2018 VICAS-TAEF-NCAF Vietnam Artists Delegation


The 2018 VICAS-TAEF-NCAF Vietnam Artists Delegation visited Taiwan from Oct. 13 to Oct. 22, 2018. Jointly organized by the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS), Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF), and Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation (NCAF), the Delegation visited important art and cultural landmarks in Taiwan and also engaged in mutual-exchanges with local Taiwanese artists and related organizations. The Delegation fostered friendships among Vietnamese and Taiwanese artists, while also deepening appreciation of each other’s cultures.