2022 SEASAT Youth Camp: Encouraging Youth's Democratic Participation in the Post Pandemic Era

Date: August 3rd, 2022

Jointly organized by Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) and American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), the 2022 SEASAT Youth Camp was held from August 3 to August 5 in Taipei.

Dr. Michael Hsin Huang Hsiao, Chairman of TAEF, pointed out that TAEF and AIT have jointly organized youth activities since 2019. Shadowed under the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, the in-person comeback of SEASAT Youth Camp this year symbolizes the dawn of the pandemic. He highlighted that Taiwan is among the 8% democracies around the world, and youths play a key role in safeguarding it. He stressed that TAEF will continue the strong partnership with AIT to contribute to youth development.

Mr. Luke Martin, the Cultural Affairs Officer of AIT, highlighted that it is a fortunate time for all of us to gather at this year’s SEASAT Youth Camp, where we are faced with fewer challenges than in other parts of the world. He stressed that in recent years, AIT has worked with Taiwan and other countries in the Indo-Pacific region on a range of pressing issues, including “youth participation” and “DEMOCRACY”, two key themes of the 2022 SEASAT Youth Camp. AIT was honored to continue collaborating with TAEF in hosting this meaningful program. He also encouraged all participants to seize this opportunity to make meaningful connections.

Both TAEF and AIT are looking forward to holding a no-mask SEASAT next year, anticipating an exciting era where the dust of COVID-19 would finally settle.

This year, we welcomed 32 young leaders from Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and the United States. Under the theme “Asian Youth’s Democratic Participation in the Post-Pandemic Era”, the organizers have invited academics and experts, youth entrepreneurs, and NGO workers to share their insights into nine critical social issues, including digital, education, migrants, ocean, culture, resilience, activism, communication, and youth, with their initial letters forming the overarching theme “DEMOCRACY.” Crash courses, group discussions, and interactive workshops featured in this three-day program are envisioned to empower participants to engage with the challenges of society and harness their advocating power.

The SEASAT Youth Camp is a flagship program jointly organized by TAEF and AIT, which annually recruits 40 to 60 outstanding young people through a competitive selection process.