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Taiwan Yushan Forum Attendees Amazed by Agenda Booklet Illustrations (Taiwan News)

October 20th, 2018

Taiwan News
Written by Huang Tzu-ti

An agenda booklet for the Yushan Forum (玉山論壇) that concluded last week in Taipei unexpectedly stole the limelight with its pages of hand-drawn pictures of attending dignitaries.

Unlike typical conference brochures, which usually include real photos of attendees, the booklet featured bust drawings of more than 50 event participants. The illustrations accompanied individual bios and introductions of each speaker, CNA reported.

The artist behind the project is Yen Li-chia (顏麗家), a 22-year-old staff member of Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation who organized the Yushan Forum. A student in journalism at National Chengchi University, she revealed it was a pleasant experience to “go artistic” with the booklet, despite having to spend six hours working on the project.

Drawing has been a hobby since childhood, she said joyfully. She added that she felt a sense of achievement depicting the senior speakers in such a “good-looking” way, the report quoted her.

Her artwork was so well-received that attendees took the brochure home as a souvenir, a testimony to the “warm power” displayed by Taiwan, reckoned the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation.

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