News release

Launch of “Celebration of Australia-Taiwan Friendship”, A Collection of Speeches and Documents by former Australian Representative Jenny Bloomfield

July 10th, 2024

On 1 July 2024, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF), together with Ms. Jenny Bloomfield, former Representative at the Australian Office in Taipei, proudly hosted an event at the Howard Plaza Hotel to present "Celebration of Australia-Taiwan Friendship”, a collection of speeches and documents on the Australia-Taiwan relationship during Representative Bloomfield’s term. This compilation of documents highlights the dynamic relationship between Taiwan and Australia during Ms. Bloomfield's tenure from 2021 to 2023.In his opening remarks, TAEF Chairman Dr. Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao said that Australia had always been a key partner of Taiwan under the New Southbound Policy (NSP). As a think tank focused on promoting NSP connections, it was a privilege to witness first-hand Ms. Jenny Bloomfield’s pivotal work in advancing Taiwan-Australia collaboration across sectors of mutual interest. Dr Hsiao highlighted the "Australia-Taiwan Friendship Year - 40 Years, 40 Stories" campaign, which commemorated decades of friendship and celebrated the personal stories connecting the people of Australia and Taiwan. He also noted other productive initiatives during Representative Bloomfield’s tenure, such as the Australia-Taiwan English Language Learning Partnership and Action Plan, the Australia-Taiwan Health and Biotechnology Partnership, and Australia’s membership of the Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF). Dr. Hsiao also highlighted Representative Bloomfield's commitment to promoting human rights, gender equality and Indigenous cooperation between Australia and Taiwan. Representative Bloomfield’s efforts had “not only promoted cooperation in various fields but also fostered greater understanding and exchanges between the people of Taiwan and Australia”. In her remarks, Representative Bloomfield said she had been very pleased to work with TAEF on this meaningful project. This collection of documents reflected the significant growth in the relationship across all areas of common interest - from trade and investment and clean energy cooperation, to health and biotechnology, education and English language learning, culture and the arts, human rights, youth and indigenous exchanges. But even more importantly, the volume demonstrated “the strong personal connections and the deep friendship between the people of Australia and Taiwan”, who shared common values and aspirations. Ms Bloomfield said that during her three years in Taiwan, she had been privileged to see first-hand the openness, diversity and resilience of Taiwanese society and to experience Taiwanese peoples’ warmth, friendship and hospitality, and their strong commitment to their democracy. She hoped that this volume could become an important resource in reviewing progress in the relationship - and that Australians and Taiwanese would “continue to work together, and with others, to promote a region and world that are open, inclusive, peaceful and free”.The book presentation was followed by a discussion moderated by Dr. Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao and Dr. Alan H. Yang, Executive Director of the TAEF, during which participants shared their experiences and insights on the Australia-Taiwan relationship. Dr. Hsiao also announced the appointment of Ms. Bloomfield as an adviser to the TAEF, which he said would further deepen the think tank, academic and people-to-people connections and collaboration between Australia and Taiwan.The event was attended by senior representatives from government, business, academia and civil society, as well as foreign representatives stationed in Taiwan.