TAEF Research Series

Sustaining Taiwan’s Southbound Focus in the Indo-Pacific in a Period of Strategic Convergence and Political Change

June 4th, 2024

TAEF takes pleasure in working with the Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) based in Washington, D.C., for the past three years in implementing long-term policy research projects, publishing policy reports, and sharing meaningful insights and recommendations with the policy communities in Taiwan and the United States.

The Project starts with highlighting the strategic importance of Taiwan’s NSP and the U.S. Indo-Pacific Initiative. The second phase identifies the mechanisms for bilateral cooperation and coordination in important policy areas. The third phase, which is currently in progress, brings light to both institutions investigation regarding pragmatic policy recommendations for the next leaders of Taiwan and the United States. All three phases highlight the NSP as an interface to pinpoint common interests between Taiwan and the U.S. while deepening partnerships between the two countries. It also aims to identify key issues of third-party involvement in the NSP cooperation.

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