NSP Resilient Talent Project-Professional: Interview with Priya Lee

July 12th, 2023

The Story of Priya Lee

Priya Lee, originally from India, is a translator and consultant who has been living in Taiwan for over 34 years. She initially pursued her bachelor's degree at Tatung University and worked at the India-Taipei Association (ITA, the representative office of India in Taiwan). Later, she obtained her master's degree from National Taiwan University and established her own simultaneous interpretation company, "Priya Lee Translation and Consulting Company." In order to promote her homeland's culture, she has organized multiple Indian cultural festivals and actively advocated Indian culture and language in Taiwan. Her experiences in Taiwan have taught her the importance of "lifelong learning," and she shares her wisdom gained throughout her journey, as well as her hopes for closer Taiwan-India relations.

About the Project

In late 2022, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation initiated the New Southbound Policy (NSP) Resilient Talent Project. The series goes into various fields and industries in Taiwan, uncovering the stories of NSP policy workers, new immigrants, their children, and NSP forces working in Taiwan. Through their sharing, we hope to better understand, from their groundwork experience, how the NSP has opened up Taiwan's Southward exchange and the associated opportunities and challenges.

In response to the rise of megatrends, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in geopolitics and climate change, the project also discusses with experts and scholars how regional cooperation keeps the doors open for exchanges between NSP talents, as well as how it helps build social resilience through talent development.