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Activating Regional Agriculture

October 7th, 2018

In recent years, Taiwan's agricultural technology has attracted the attention of the international community. In addition to smart agriculture, it has also continued emphasize on seed research and development, farmer organization training systems, smart agricultural technology development and disaster prevention and management. The regional agricultural development program promoted by the Council of Agriculture has become one of the five flagship programs of the government in implementing the New Soutbound Policy. In 2017, Taiwan's agricultural cooperation with Indonesia has deepened the relations with the latter’s local communities by developing the “Comprehensive Agricultural Demonstration Zone” in the Karawang region

Taiwan’s Representative to Indonesia, Amb. Chen Chung, said that Taiwan has excellent quality farming equipment suitable for Indonesian farmers. At the same time, Taiwan is also actively sharing its experiences in agricultural development with neighboring countries. After many consultations, the two sides established a comprehensive agricultural demonstration area in the Karawang region of Indonesia, which includes the import of Taiwan's quality fertilizers, seedlings, improvement of technical irrigation facilities, the introduction of small agricultural machineries, and agricultural management systems.

In the July issue of the Jakarta Post, Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation Executive Director Alan Hao Yang’s analysis was quoted, saying that should the Taiwan-Indonesia Agricultural Demonstration Zone be successful, Taiwan looks into sharing the same model with other Indonesian provinces or regions to promote local development—which reflects the importance of the “people-centered” aspect of the New Southbound Policy in the practice of countries in the region and local communities

Agricultural development is an important topic of concern to the ASEAN Community, and it is also the focus of the positive development of South Asian countries. Of course, the promotion of the agricultural flagship program of the New Southbound Policy will not be limited to Indonesia. Taiwan also welcomes neighboring countries—government or local communities—to work together to focus on the attributes and needs of agriculture and rural development, while further integrating different agricultural knowledge modules to promote the development of local agriculture.