Yushan Forum

The Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue for Innovation and Progress (ADIP) is a platform for Asian regional dialogue initiated by Taiwan, with the purpose of expanding multifaceted opportunities for cooperation and facilitating the exchange of ideas, talent, technologies and social initiatives. The event, which also seeks to deepen Taiwan’s partnerships with Asian nations, will feature the attendance of leaders, thinkers, innovators and young leaders from across Asia, while also invite other like-minded countries to participate in dialogue.

Located in Taiwan, Yushan – also known as Mount Jade or “Tongku Saveq” in the language of the local indigenous Bunun people – is the tallest summit in East Asia. With relative ease of access to the top, Yushan is a symbol of Taiwanese aspirations for excellence, as well as warm friendship towards people from surrounding nations.

The inaugural Yushan Forum, themed Fostering Social and Economic Connectivity with Southeast and South Asia, was launched in 2017. More than 800 participants from over 20 countries attended the forum, which included six sessions – Economy and Trade, Human Resources, Technological Innovation, NGO Engagement, Think Tank Collaboration and Youth Dialogue.